Limited to 10 "Ready to Work" Entrepreneurs
$927 Value | Virtual Class New Year Special: $175 | Price will rise to $225
This Masterclass is Recession & Pandemic Proof
Money hasn’t disappeared it’s just been shifted to somewhere else. 
How do you grab the piece that’s yours….I’ll show you how.
And what you can’t do yourself you hire help or head over to fiverr.

Creatives, Artists, Business Owners, 
Musicians, Churches, Speakers, Realtors

I walk you through this whole process. 
If it ain’t making money, it ain’t a business.
What's included
-Self-paced Class
-Virtual and In-Person Options (FOOD IS CATERED FOR IN-PERSON)
-Creative Entrepreneur Cheatsheet
-Hard Copy of "My Purpose Has a Pulse"
-Network of Creative Entrepreneurs
-Feedback on personal brand and ideas

What to Expect in the Class
-Meet the Instructor Will Morris
-Intro to Doing What You Love
-Is this Bankable- Figuring Out is What I Love a Business
-Cheese or Soda - What to sell or what service to pair with your Business
-Where they at? - Who’s Your Audience and what’s the message
-The Face of Your Business - Branding 101
-Run the Numbers or go broke- Creating a Working Budget and Organizational Structure
-Throwing Paint to the Wall - Understanding Social Media and Quantifiable Marketing
-Wrap Up
My name is Will Morris, and I am a Creative Entreprenuer with a heart to help other creatives and entrepreneurs transform their most passionate endeavors into money-making opportunities. From foodies, to dancers, all the way to people who are artisans and comedians. I have built a career out of pursuing passion, thinking out of the box, and building networks of individuals who are doing the same. My genius is niched in marketing design, creativity, and quantifiable system development. I am a 11 year entrepreneur, worked with budgets of over $100,000. I’ve hustled, I’ve failed, but through it all I have made money.
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